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Notes From An Island

July 17, 2011 by Richard Wright in Journal, Life

It’s easy to forget sometimes that, as a species, we humans aren’t actually hardwired into the Internet. While I stayed offline during our week long break in Malaysia mostly because getting a connection was just the wrong side of my convenience threshold, it was incredibly refreshing to be without. Obviously, I’m back now, and about to catch up on emails and the like, so sit tight if you’re waiting to hear from me about something.

The holiday itself was excellent. We flew into Kuala Lumpur on Saturday morning through lightning and storm clouds, but by the time we reached our resort on the island of Langkawi around lunchtime, the sun was blazing. Over the next few days we spent more time on the beach or by the pool than I would normally be able to tolerate, but this was a holiday designed to make us forcibly relax after a hectic few months, and it certainly did that.

Our chalet was tucked into the fringe of the island’s 350 million year old rainforest, right by the sea. Our neighbours included monitor lizards, barracudas, monkeys, flying lemurs, and all sorts of insects we’ve never met before. Eva saw her first praying mantis, which was great, then made me kill it because it was on the bedroom wall, which wasn’t.

Cool things included a sunset catamaran cruise round some of the 99 other islands off Langkawi, complete with barbecue and a free bar, and Eva joining the lobby lounge band and performing live to an audience of, erm, several. Not so cool was leaving the cable car trip up the island’s largest mountain until the last day. While it’s churlish to get upset because it has the temerity to rain in a rainforest, the timing left something to be desired. We went anyway, and it was still brilliant, even if most of our photographs are of the inside of a cloud.

Other than that, quite a lot of writing happened on what looks to be a new novella in a Crichtonesque monster/disaster vein, I learned a lot about cicadas, and the final pieces of a new novel potentially starring a familiar face that I’d like to write towards the end of the year fell into place. I’ll be getting in touch with a publisher about that one in the next few days, I think.

So, yes. A great break from life. Now I’m reset. Refreshed. Ready to go.

Bring it.

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