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Doll Suicide

June 18, 2011 by Richard Wright in Journal, Life

HangedIt’s the school summer holidays here at the moment, and the effort of keeping my daughter entertained during the day is clearly taking a toll on her loved ones. Above was the scene waiting for me in the bathroom the other day.

On further enquiry, it seems that Eva and her friend are making a horror movie. It’s very much in the planning stages at the moment, and given that the co-producers have a turbulent relationship at best, the rumours of on-set arguments and creative disagreements are very likely true. I’ll be impressed if a finished version ever sees the light of today.

We’re hitting storm season here in Delhi. Apparently the monsoon is set to join us at the end of the month, but you’d be forgiven for thinking it was already here based on the weather in the last week or so. Tuesday night’s storm was particularly bad, with rain pouring through the cracks of the doors and windows. Friends Phil and Lorraine are dropping by for a few days next weekend. Not the best timing, seasonally speaking, though at its best the monsoon is nothing if not memorable. Their arrival also, finally, gives us the opportunity to head off and see the Taj Mahal. We’ve held off visiting so far, knowing that it’s among  the things we’ll inevitably be taking any guests to see.

Oh, and quite by accident, I ended up seeing the lunar eclipse this week. I had no idea we were due one, but Kirsty stepped out to the balcony around midnight and there it was. I’m glad I saw it. There’s something quite special and calming about events on a planetary scale.

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