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WHC 2011: Day Three & Home

May 3, 2011 by Richard Wright in Journal, Life

Was up long before dawn on the third day of WHC, again. Was pleased to find myself not alone in sleeplessness, and popped down to Sheldon Higdon’s room for sunrise natterings.

After somehow managing to shave my face off, I breakfasted and popped down to join Danny Evarts in the courtyard. Were joined through the morning by the rest of the Shroudies (very much the theme of the event). World domination was planned, and these folks might just make it happen.

More time in the dealers room, picking up random books, some neat art, and random gifts. Not entirely sure that Eva has fallen in love with her bobble head Cthulu, but at least none of the other kids round here have one.

At some point in the afternoon, after a reasonably successful pitch meeting, stir craziness occurred. Tim, Danny and I fled the hotel to have a look at Austin. To be honest, there wasn’t a tremendous amount there, though it had quite a relaxed vibe. It seems we may not have been the only convention in town, either. Do they have conventions for large groups of perfectly healthy people who require devices to stroll around? If so, the above photo was probably one of those. Having stared at them for a bit, we hit an Irish bar for food, beers, and shots, then back to the hotel.

After keeping Danny company at a Shroud table during the mass signing event, we sped upstairs for an off the cuff Shroud guerrilla reading event. Suffered considerable nerves, having realised that I’ve never actually read my own work to anybody before, but hammered through it. Apologies to Ed, Lincoln, Rob, Danny and others for having to suffer through my first shot at that sort of thing, and thanks for your patience!

A stop off at the Cutting Block Press launch party, just in time for free booze and pizzas, then back down to (more or less) end the evening with a private absinthe toast to Hiram Grange at Danny’s. En route, we stopped off at Tim Deal’s room to wake him up and have him join us. Despite some incredibly noisy attempts to force access to the room, nothing was going to wake the big galoot, but I’m sure he was toasting alongside us in… erm… spirit.

And that was that. Apologies to the many, many people I spent nowhere near the intended time with, some of whom I barely managed to bump into. I”m looking particularly at Chris Teague, Stuart Young, Gary McMahon, Gord Rollo, Gene O’Neill, and Brian Keene, but there were an awful lot more. Tracking people down at the right time at a Con like WHC is surprisingly tricky.

In summary, it was a brilliantly run event – well done the organisers. The highlight for me was without question the Shroud team of Danny, Tim, Sheldon, and Rob (and Sara!). Just getting the chance to hang with these folks made the cocktail of travel, expense, and jet lag worthwhile. I hope it’s not the last time, and suspect it won’t be. Next stop, world domination.

Apparently, while I was travelling home (another fun 24 hours), America killed a supervillain. Good to hear. Now that that’s sorted out, I look forward to a bounteous age of peace and prosperity for all…

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  1. Ed KurtzMay 3, 2011 at 4:26 pm

    Too much humility, Mr. Wright–your reading was perfect. I think we all considered the benefit of a British accent for the sort of thing in the future. I’m already working on mine now.

    Glad you made it to the other side of the planet safely, and I hope to run into you again during our travels!

  2. Richard WrightMay 3, 2011 at 4:54 pmAuthor

    Ah yes, the mitigating power of the British accent 😉

  3. Ed KurtzMay 3, 2011 at 4:58 pm

    It makes everything sound better. I asked Vinny Chong to call me a wanker, which he did, and I’ll be damned if it wasn’t just lovely.

  4. Richard WrightMay 3, 2011 at 5:32 pmAuthor

    That’s why we’re all so polite. We try insulting each other, but it always just ends up in group hugs.

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