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Tweeting Rapture

May 23, 2011 by Richard Wright in Journal, Life

The above image is my daughter’s fond farewell to her teacher, as she begins her last day of school. Not sure what fond memories will be recalled while looking over this Gigeresque nightmare, but it’s the thought that counts.

The below was me, messing about during the rapture on Twitter. I realised after that I’d sort of written a short story. Not entirely convinced there’s a big sale to be had, so thought I’d present you with the collected edition here, in case you’re easily entertained…

Tweeting Rapture

@richard_wright Nearly 6pm here in India. #Rapture

@richard_wright So many people are going to be shuffling their feet in embarrassment in a moment. #Rapture

@richard_wright Trumpets outside. Sounds like another Indian wedding. #Rapture

@richard_wright Lots of trumpets, actually. #Rapture

@richard_wright Oh. Oh bugger. This is embarrassing. I am going to have to apologise to so many people. #Rapture

@richard_wright Rising up. No idea how I got out of the house. Should be pinned to my ceiling. #Rapture

@richard_wright Heading upwards. You all look like tiny ants. Good thing I get to keep my iPhone. #Rapture

@richard_wright Knew there would be iPhones in Heaven. #Rapture

@richard_wright Here come the clouds. #Rapture

@richard_wright Clouds are wet. #Rapture #dressingfortheoccasionfail

@richard_wright Oh. Here we are then. Jesus, and the other chosen ones, frolicking in the clouds. #Rapture

@richard_wright Am required to join in with the frolicking. Not a natural frolicker. This could be awkward. #Rapture

@richard_wright Okay. Frolicking. Fair enough. Could get used to this. #Rapture

@richard_wright Uh oh. Jesus has just asked me about my influences in writing ‘Native Son’ and ‘Black Boy’ #Rapture

@richard_wright Starting to suspect a catastrophic cosmic bookkeeping error #Rapture

@richard_wright Can I get pretend to be the long deceased African-American Richard Wright? Awkward. #Rapture

@richard_wright Have explained. Tried laughing it off and frolicking some more, but everyone’s gone a bit quiet. #Rapture #onlyatheistattheparty

@richard_wright Yep. All a bit of a mix up. Terribly embarrassing all round, to be honest. On my way down. #Rapture

@richard_wright And home. Oh well. Who’s for a seven-year orgy of drink, drugs, and sex then? #Damnation

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