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The Gateway Is Closing – Please Help

May 5, 2011 by Richard Wright in Journal, Life

Theatres are really gateways. Step into a theatre, and you leave the sometimes brutal life you live in, and land somewhere new. Other worlds. Others times. Other lives. Others views, and perspectives, and cultures.

Close a theatre, and you close a gateway. There’s a particular gateway in the heart of Glasgow, possibly very far away from you, that’s fighting to stay open.

There are men with spreadsheets and bottom lines who think that the doorway would be better sealed forever, and if they succeed, as in all instances when such men succeed, they’ll leave the world a colder, darker place. They’ll imprison just a few more people in their own lives, with less hope of escape.

I’m trying to play a small part in preventing this from happening. The doorway is the Ramshorn theatre. The deadline is Friday the 6th of May (tomorrow, from my time zone, but today from some of yours). I’ll be forever grateful if you’d put yourself, in a small way, between the men with bottom lines and the gateway. It costs you nothing to protest. I did it. Took three minutes.

Some of you have already signed the petition that might be a part of stopping this from happening. Looking at the numbers on that petition, a lot of you haven’t. I refuse to believe, if you’re following me via blog, facebook, twitter, or through some other strange new media I don’t know about, that you’re really the kind of person to let gateways like this die with no mention. Here, stories come to life in a unique way. Here, there be dragons.

So endeth my begging lesson. I want the Ramshorn to live for another young actor’s lifetime, for another generation of audiences. You can help to make that actually happen. If nothing else, you can join others in saying that no, this just isn’t good enough.

Please, sign the petition. If you’re on Facebook or Twitter please retweet it, and ask the people you know to step up. The numbers say we’re struggling to care, but I can’t believe that actually relates to you.

Would be very happy to have what little faith I have made true. This is a place for ordinary people who care about seeing, hearing, and feeling stories to have a voice.

Please help us.

Sign the petition. Tweet or Facebook a quick link of  your own devising. Dip your toes in, and actually help us.

Thanks. You guys rock.

If you help, we could stop the gate from closing. It shouldn’t take a moment to make your feelings heard. Not these days.

Please help us.

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