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Possibly Forthcoming Possible Stories

April 9, 2011 by Richard Wright in Journal, News


Ah, good news has happened. Where previously I had nothing at all scheduled for publication in forthcoming months, 2011 should now see at least two new stories in print. I say should because neither tale is actually written yet, and I’m never entirely confident until relevant editors have given a nod to the final draft, but still, it’s excellent news.

The first story features an Indian auto rickshaw driver, a rich English tourist, and forgotten gods. It’s for an anthology that I’m very pleased to be able to contribute to, and which you’ll be very pleased to buy.

The second… I can’t even hint at, at least until the publisher makes an official announcement. Okay, maybe one hint – it’s set in California, mostly. That will be all.

To celebrate the general goodness of having things to look forward to, consider the above books carefully. They’re each available to buy right now, and represent much of the last few years worth of my published scribbling (at least, the bits that are still in print).

Hiram Grange and the Nymphs of Krakow: Literally explosive conclusion to the first run of Hiram Grange tales, in which a dysfunctional hero battles killer nymphomaniacs in Poland, with revelations and betrayals. Don’t worry if you haven’t read the character before, everything you need to know is in the opening pages.

Iris: Abroad: Doctor Who, but with gin, a time travelling bus, and a talking Panda who sounds like Noel Coward.

Dark Faith: Award-nominated stories about faith.

Withersin: Quirky esoterica, with stories and curiously appropriate articles from the fringe.

Dark Wisdom: Demons, heroes, good and evil, gathered under one splendid cover.

Choices: Six meaty novelettes, in which simple choices have grim consequences.

Tattered Souls:Six truly disturbing tales from the edge of sanity.

Beneath the Surface: Small chillers from the publisher who brought you Hiram Grange.

None of them will break the bank, and all of them will offer entertainments to while away some quiet hours. Go to it.

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