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December Book

The December Book: The Return

Today took me back to the December Book, which is either a rather anachronistic working title for the current novel or, as my mate Duncan points out, a very forward looking one.  What with the holiday in Thailand, and then the general chaotic goodness of returning to the New Year, it feels like a really long time since I looked at it, despite being only a couple of weeks in real time.

Because of this today started at a crawl, as I found my way back to where I was.  That meant re-reading the chapters I’ve already done (and resisting the urge to waste the day tinkering with them, instead of putting some new words down).  I was quite pleased with what I saw.  There are a lot of problems, fixes that will happen during the editing cycle, but the feel of it so far is closer to what I first imagined than I realised.  To be honest, I’d wondered whether the act of finding words for what was in my head had altered it beyond recognition, but after a couple of weeks away from it, I see those sparkling bits of the core idea that first lit me up.

The only downside was that today’s writing only really picked up speed just as I was preparing to shut down.  I would have stayed at it, but there was exercising to be done, and dinners to be cooked (damned, pesky real life).  Luckily, a halt was called at the right place.  Liam’s finally in Edinburgh, having traveled with a convoy of beasts, and introductions are about to be made.  That’s something to look forward to, tomorrow.

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