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Iris – Actually Abroad

January 19, 2011 by Richard Wright in Journal, News

Iris: Abroad has, I’m pleased to say, arrived in India and taken her rightful place on my shelf of shame. It looks absolutely beautiful, and I can’t wait to tuck in.

Others have beat me to it of course, and reviews have started to turn up across the Interweb. The first comes from Nick Mellish, who gives an interesting analysis of the book, comparing and contrasting it with the most recent series of Doctor Who. The book gets a big thumbs up, and any review that contains the following line can only be a thing of splendour:

“She still gets pissed and flirts with anyone who will have her, cigarette in hand, in much the same way the Doctor doesn’t.”

My favourite review though, for very obvious reasons, comes from Daniel Tessier at the History of the Doctor review site. Daniel does me the enormous courtesy of filtering my tale ‘The Story Eater’ in exactly the way I intended when I wrote it, and picks it out as possibly the best story in what he describes as a very successful volume. An excellent review, and it also gives an excellent flavour of what to expect from the anthology. Check it out.

When you’ve done that, go and get yourself a copy. If you’re in the UK, pick it directly from Obverse Books, and if you’re in the US it’s in stock at Who North America.

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