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Giveaway Results

November 7, 2010 by Richard Wright in Journal, News

And the results of the Goodreads giveaway are in, as randomly selected by that site.  Congratulations to Mary and Sarah in the US, and Laura in the UK.  I’ll drop you a line in the next 24 hours to find out whether you want the books signed and personalised before I pop them in the post.  I was amazed to get back and discover that, in just six days, 506 people found the giveaway and entered.  Noted, people, and we’ll be doing this again at some point (though possibly not with the same book).

In other news, I’m just back from a long weekend in Goa, which was nice.  Air Force One was sitting on the runway when we returned to Delhi earlier today (nice bit of kit, but not sure about the pastel blue).  Not the best time for POTUS to pop by, to be honest.  Being just after Diwali, concussive fireworks are still being released across the city.  They all sound like bombs going off.  I can’t imagine Obama is managing more than four or five paces at a time before being tackled to the ground by his bodyguards…

Proper update tomorrow.  Sleep well.

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