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Halloween Enhancements

October 18, 2010 by Richard Wright in Journal, Writing

Makes me feel like a spambot. Halloween enhancements for her pleasure!  Make her shudder the Wright way!

Seriously though, isn’t Halloween brilliant?  When else are you encouraged to really embrace the darkness?  It’s also a really good time to buy my books. Seasonal and supportive, all in one package.  What more could you want?  Personally, I recommend the following…

Hiram Grange and the Nymphs of Krakow:  First book with my name on the cover in almost a decade, which is quite a horrible period of time, and so the one I would most like to share with you.  Buying it will thrust you into a fast-paced race against time and gods in the heart of Krakow.  It will also give you Nymphs, which is never a bad thing.  I checked the Amazon rankings for Krakow today, and after the initial interest, sales through Amazon are slumping.  If the people reading here each go and pick up a copy in the next twenty-four hours, there will be a nice little Halloween peak in those ratings, which will make both the publisher and I do a special Halloween happy dance, which I promise to teach you when next we meet (probably).  Don’t worry if it says there’s only one left in stock, and more are on order.  By placing more orders you’ll force Amazon to get more stock in, genuinely confusing the behemoth.  Behemoths, even extremely convenient ones like Amazon, deserve to be confused every once in a while.  If you choose free shipping, the book will cost you £5.18 from, $7.99 from, $8.44 from, or pick one of the many other Amazons if they’re nearer, and search the title out, for an approximate price.  Not a lot to shell out, to enhance a whole Halloween.

On the other hand, if you’ve already danced with Hiram, or prefer your horror bite-sized, consider the following, each of which contain a short story of mine from the last twelve months.

Dark Faith: A vast, packed anthology from Apex Books themed closely around the concept of faith, religious and otherwise.  More thoughtful dark fiction than outright horror (as a whole), my contribution was a story called ‘Sandboys’, the most personal thing I’ve ever written, and difficult for me to offer any qualitative opinion on at all.  It’s quiet, and sad, and horrible, and (hopefully) just a little bit redemptive.  Follow this, and take your pick of ordering options, including Kindle and iPhone.

Withersin 3.0: From Withersin press, offering a truly intriguing mix of articles about things you didn’t think you wanted to know about but actually do, and horror fiction.  My story is called Hermanesha, and is about an abduction, and the relationship that develops between captive and jailer.  Worth a look.

Dark Wisdom: Another bumper collection, pulpier and broader in tone than Dark Faith, it contains my story Mopleoli, which I’m not going to tell you anything about, because you’re supposed to engage your brain and work it out yourself.  Have a look here for the links.

Any of the above would make for a happier Halloween.

And don’t forget, my novel Craven Place has just started serialising in Shroud’s new digital magazine, for free.  Available now, online, right here.  Go forth and indulge.

Also, aren’t ankles brilliant! I managed to sprain mine last week, on a morning run.  My foot hit uneven ground, nothing too treacherous to look at, and then just sort of… folded.  For a couple of days I could barely put weight on it at all.  I can now limp almost without wincing.  I tell you this as a cautionary tale.  Love your ankles.  Never give them a reason to betray you.  You have been warned.

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