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Goa, and Phuket, and Austin – oh my!

October 20, 2010 by Richard Wright in Journal, Life

2010 has been an amazing year for holidays.  Prior to coming to India, we got away for a proper holiday (a proper vacation, rather than a break to catch up with family) maybe once a year, if we were lucky.  Since I turned thirty, five years ago, we’ve managed city breaks together in Amsterdam, Paris, Brussells (why, god, why!), Krakow, and Edinburgh (hey, it was close to Glasgow, but it counted).  Since Eva’s been old enough to join us, we’ve also added longer trips to the Lake District (Center Parcs – a surprisingly good week!) and Spain.  Given that between the age of sixteen and thirty I took only one proper vacation, a city-break in Belfast, I thought the last few years were pretty good going.

It’s all relative, though.  This year, to date, we’ve managed to visit Bangkok and Phuket in Thailand, Jaipur in India, Scotland (not entirely by choice – does this count as a holiday, as we’ve only just left it?), Hong Kong, and Disneyland.  That’s four countries in ten months.

And that’s not all.

In a couple of weeks, we’re off to Goa for a long weekend on the Arabian Sea.  A bit extravagant after just getting back from Hong Kong, but there are public holidays, and we’re all off from school and work, so we scrabbled about for something to do with it all. Usually we get caught out by public holidays, but thanks to my perceptive wife, not this time.

Then, at the end of the year, we’re spending Christmas week, including Christmas itself, back in Phuket, Thailand.  As you might guess, we loved what we saw of the place last time (per photograph above, taken from the back of a fifty-six year old elephant called Tang Mo), so we’ve picked somewhere on the other side of the island, and shall make a leisurely and festive explore through whatever jungles and beaches we find there.

Yes, I know we’re in a very lucky position.  In part though, that was the very point of taking up a job in India.  While India itself has many things to offer, it’s also in the centre of a region that would usually be fairly inaccessible to is.  Any one of the holidays we have taken in the last ten months would have been a major event, financially prohibitive if we were trying to do it from the UK.  Might as well enjoy it while we can.

And then, at the end of April 2011, I’ll be jetting off to Austin, Texas, for the World Horror Convention.  Not looking forward to the almost twenty-four hour flights each way, but this is an event on a different scale to anything I’ve done before, and the people I hope to meet include many who I’ve ‘known’ online for over a decade, and can’t wait to chat to in person.  I feel grateful to be going.

So yes, lucky indeed.  Delhi, the eighth largest metropolis in the world, gets to you after a while, and visiting new places can be usefully refreshing.  Also, we’ve been here for a year already, so it feels like time is passing, along with the opportunity.  Looking back and seeing what we’ve already done is nice.

I also have two weeks free in December, though Eva’s at school during this time, and Kirsty’s at work.  It’s going to be a massive writing fortnight.  One that you can hopefully follow in some detail, from writing concept onwards, but more on that to come.  If nothing else, I hope to have fun, and if you like, I’ll share it with you.

More soon.

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