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A Party Happened

August 30, 2010 by Richard Wright in Journal, Life

So on Thursday, my daughter Eva turned seven years old, and mostly received the above displayed iPod and speaker dock in recompense.  I am now officially buying my daughter gifts that I could not have conceived of as existing when I was a kid (although I’d rather be buying her gifts that I WAS able to conceive of, and even came to believe would be available in all good hardware stores – personal jet packs, where are you?).

For the main event, her birthday party, she had to wait for Saturday, though she had a ball when it came around.  Two hours of bouncy castle / puppeteer madness, the running and organising of which left Kirsty and I so shattered that we were barely able to form coherent sentences when it was over.  Everybody seemed to enjoy themselves though.  It might not have been the stand-out party of the season, but a good time was had, especially by Eva, and that’s the important bit.

And if anybody is looking for a recommendation for a good puppeteer in New Delhi… well… I don’t have one.  If, on the other hand, you’re in the market for a recommendation of a remarkably awful puppeteer, whose very ineptitude is startlingly entertaining, I may have the man for you.  The puppets, all two of them, were basically a ravaged, moth-eaten stuffed tiger and a penguin so gruesomely unkempt it may haunt my dreams for years.  The plot was that the tiger was hungry, and wanted to eat the penguin.  That was about it.  Why a penguin, in India, I just don’t know.  Probably because the puppeteer found it in a skip, and decided it would be the very thing to kick off his entertainment career.  Seriously, this was the kind of quality show that takes years of completely avoiding all other puppeteers or sources of professional advice in order to achieve.

Still, halfway through, the kids got bored, and mobbed him.  His friend, who was crowd control, was too scared to intervene, and I thought it was too funny to curtail.  As they say, kids make their own fun, and if you’re going to set yourself up as children’s entertainer and fail, you may well be the victim of said fun.

Although, this being India, he still came up to us for a tip before he left.  So many tempting comebacks to that…

Still, the cake was nice.

Next month, the bill will catch up with us.  You should go and buy my book, possibly from,, or the publisher, which will help me pay for it.  In your own small way, you will be able to say you contributed to a seven year old girl’s happiness.

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  1. KirstyAugust 30, 2010 at 4:54 pm

    It was meant to be a chicken. And the tiger was called Shah Rukh Khan, with 90% of the kids being non-Indian that joke fell a bit flat, especialy since it was the only one!

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