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Advance Praise: Hiram Grange and the Nymphs of Krakow

June 15, 2010 by Richard Wright in Journal, News

Here you go, the finished cover.  My name’s on it, and everything.  You may have seen this already elsewhere, but I thought I’d wait a while before posting it myself.  Malcolm McClinton’s work, of course, with design by Danny Evarts.  Talented men.

If you imagine a writing life, you may well be under the impression that the last few weeks before your new book is released might be a joyous, celebratory occasion.  A little more thought, and you’ll appreciate it’s the most nerve-wracking moments of the job.  Gone are the sparks of creativity that put words on the page in dimly lit rooms.  The work is more or less done.  All that’s left is the countdown to D-Day.  Perhaps you are so confident in your own ability that you really can sit back and think “Aha!  I can’t wait!  This will show them!”.  If this is the case, you are possibly also on medication.

The experience for me is one of pacing, and wondering.  All the people who have read it prior to release (publisher, editor, perhaps some friends or family, me) all have a vested interest in finding things about the book to like.  What if those not vested with the same interest, such as you, don’t enjoy it at all?  What if nobody even reads it?  What if I’ve been kidding myself about this writing lark, and should crawl back in my box and spend my time learning how to knit socks or cultivate bonsai trees instead?

So when when two successful, acclaimed, and incredibly busy authors take time out of insane writing schedules to not only read the book and tell me they liked it, but let me tell other people they give it the thumbs up too, it’s not only flattering, it’s the cause of shuddering relief.

“Twisted, shocking and full of pitch-black humor and darkly original twists. One of the best books I’ve read this year.” Brian Keene, the Bram Stoker winning author of Darkness on the Edge of Town and Dead Sea.

“Richard Wright is one of the best kept secrets in horror, which is a crying shame because a guy this good shouldn’t be a secret at all. And best of all, he just keeps getting better. Hiram Grange and the Nymphs of Krakow is a good old fashioned rollicking tale of mysticism and mayhem. The pages turn themselves, it’s that good.” Steven Savile, International Bestselling author of Silver, Primeval: Shadow of the Jaguar and Stargate SG-1: The Power Behind the Throne.

Enormous thanks to Brian and Steve for finding the time.  Gentlemen and scholars, both.

Not content with that, this week also brought me the first advance review of the book, from Rebecca Baumann at Dirty Sexy Books.  It says many wonderful, quotable things, such as: “Gritty and sexy balls-to-the-walls adventure.  If you’re a fan of dark urban fantasy like me, then you’ll rejoice upon finding this treasure trove.” Go read the whole thing, why don’t you?

All of which goes some way to turning that exhausting anxiety into a better kind of giddiness, though it be early days yet.  In the end, the only person whose opinion really matters is yours, and I look forward to hearing it.

Pre-orders coming very soon indeed…

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