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Storms and Faith

May 2, 2010 by Richard Wright in Journal, Writing

There have been some spectacular storms here over the last couple of days.  Driving rain, crashing thunder, and hours of amazing lightning – everything I look for in a good storm.  The first one broke at the outdoor birthday party of one of my daughter’s classmates, and made the evening for us.  All is quiet tonight so far, but I have my fingers crossed.  The downside is the humidity afterwards, and we’re warned that what we’ve experienced this weekend is just a taster of what’s waiting for us later in the year.

Mo’Con happened in the US over the weekend, and this marks the official launch of the Dark Faith anthology.  I hope you’ll buy a copy.  It’s published by Apex Book Company, an independent press.  Publishers are often an invisible lot, with authors getting the bulk of the praise or condemnation for a book’s success or failure.  Even as a writer, somebody who can’t function professionally without a publisher stepping in, it’s easy to forget (or at least, forget to acknowledge) the massive role they play.  As such, I read this short essay from Apex head Jason Sizemore with something close to guilt.  While it’s fine for me to write the story, take the money, mention it on my blog a few times, and move on to the next one, putting this book together has been a rollercoaster for Jason.  Now the success of the company he built up from scratch depends on it doing reasonably well.  It’s an eye opening demonstration of… well… faith, so do have a read.

If you want to buy the book as well, all the links are here.

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