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Dark Faith

Faith.  So much of our reality is determined by what we believe, and it can so easily become … undone. Editors Maurice Broaddus and Jerry Gordon have created an anthology that explores the dark side of faith and what it may mean. These twenty-six stories and five poems (130k+ words of content) may make you cry, may make you laugh, and will certainly terrify you. You may never look at the light the same way again.  Features the short story Sandboys, by Richard Wright (Apex Book Company, 2010)


“Faith. Light and dark. Terrible beauty and mind-shattering horror. It’s all here, in what’s sure to be one of the year’s best anthologies.” – Kevin Lucia, Shroud Magazine

“Allow yourself a few days to read and process. It is worth the time, and many of the stories are well-crafted enough to not only stand up to multiple readings, but to reveal new things with each reading.”Wings Lifting Wide

“If you’re like me and enjoy speculative fiction that explores themes of spirituality, I can’t recommend this anthology enough. Does earth magic really work? Is there such thing as enlightenment? Does God exist? Was Jimi Hendrix a god? Is there an afterlife? Does anything really matter? You want thought provoking? You got it!” – Paul Goat Allen, B&N Sci-Fi & Fantasy Blog

“There aren’t really any losers here, and if you’ve never gotten around to reading any of Apex’s collections, this would be a great place to start.” – Matt Staggs, Suvudu

Sitting down to read the stories in Dark Faith is like sitting down with a huge box of gourmet dark chocolates… it may be the best anthology I’ve ever read. For the most part, it reads like a “Year’s Best” rather than a nominee for it. Rarely have I gone from story to story in a collection and felt such a frisson of sheer disturbance from each one.”Horror Web

“Dark Faith rocks. It’s been awhile since an anthology, especially a themed one was this solid.”Horror World

Dark Faith is a gutsy anthology of a type that you will rarely have to opportunity to peruse. Regardless of your own faith, it will be tested within these pages and you will not leave unscathed.” – Anton Cancre, Pustule Oozings

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