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February 20, 2010 by Richard Wright in Journal, Life

Some things that have happened.

Elvis Presley has applied for a job as our driver.  I am not kidding.  Unfortunately, he is unlikely to get the position.  Having googled for character references, he is apparently nothing but a hound dog.

The weather here in Delhi has made another sharp change, and is closing fast on a British summertime.  It’s gorgeous today, clear skies and temperatures in the mid-twenties.  By next weekend it should be hovering near thirty, and it’s not yet March.

Next weekend, however, is a holiday weekend, with Monday being Holi.  People throw paint over each other enthusiastically, so I believe.  We will be spending a couple of nights in the city of Jaipur, poking around and generally exploring.  It’s known as the pink city, which I suspect refers to the stonework more than a subculture, and we’re taking a slow train there and back.  Looking forward to seeing some of the India between the cities, even if it’s only in passing.

Various bits of television are being watched at the moment, on iTunes or DVD.  Season one of Babylon 5 is for the most part comically bad, but extremely watchable.  The last season of Lost is so far daring and baffling, with concurrently running parallel universes in which the characters are living different versions of their own lives being one of the most daring ways to run a narrative I’ve seen (yet to confirm whether it’s going to actually work in drawing the series to a close).  24 is as brilliant and unlikely as ever.  The second series of Being Human is lovely, compelling, and beautifully written.  The first season and a bit of The Wire have convinced me that all of the ‘greatest television series ever made’ reviews may not actually be hyperbole.  There’s more, but I shan’t bore you with it just now.

I now have a lovely Rorschach print above my desk in my study.  I see a praying child, Kirsty sees Kenny from South Park lying on his back, Eva sees a monster.  Your mileage may vary.

Hiram Grange continues to pick up excellent reviews.  The third book should be along shortly, and I’m just about to start work with the editor on my own tome.  Exciting times.  Final edits have also been received and returned for the Apex Books anthology Dark Faith, which is going to be quite a book.

And now it is the weekend, and slumping can happen, with some slouching thrown in for good measure.

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  1. japanese formsFebruary 23, 2010 at 2:15 pm

    the rorschach looks a bit like that donnie darko mask.

    japanese forms

  2. Richard WrightFebruary 23, 2010 at 2:34 pmAuthor

    Hadn’t spotted that!

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