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Sandboys, Dark Faith, and Karmic Fallout

December 2, 2009 by Richard Wright in Journal, News

Good news this morning – I found out that my short story ‘Sandboys’ has been picked up for the Dark Faith anthology, forthcoming from Apex Books in May next year.  The book is being published in conjunction with the Mo*Con V writers convention in the States, an annual gathering, and per the themes of the event is as interested in spirituality, social issues, and the human condition as much as simple scares. It makes the anthology a perfect home for ‘Sandboys’, which is easily the most personal thing I’ve ever written, and a story I almost decided should never see print.  More on the book and the tale within it as the publication date edges closer…

The bad news is that I remain a human juicer.  Delhi belly, round two.  I confess to an extraordinarily selfish thought this morning, perched on the latrine in some pain.  I thought It’s Kirsty’s turn!

I’m not proud.  I’m hoping that confession will reduce the karmic fallout of wishing my illness on my wife.  Think I’ll get away with it?

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