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The Big Chill

November 29, 2009 by Richard Wright in Journal, Life

Sometimes, when you’re doing something big and dramatic like relocating to a new continent, it’s easy to forget that it’s the little things that make you happiest.

Last night Kirsty and I took Eva out for dinner.  Wanting to avoid our umpteenth McDonalds, we sought out a supposedly child-friendly place we’d seen at Khan Market, called The Big Chill.  It’s in a grotty little lane behind the shops, but that’s no cause to judge harshly, as most things in Delhi look grotty by UK standards, at least at first glance.

Once inside and upstairs, it’s fabulous.  It’s small, almost but not quite cramped when it’s full.  The walls are covered in old movie and product posters.  Like many places, it’s ‘dry’, so no booze, but the ginger fizz is excellent.  The staff are relaxed and friendly, and made improvised toys for Eva out of napkins and straws.  The menu is huge, mostly variants on pasta, pizza, and grilled fish or chicken, but what we sampled was fresh, and simple, and really bloody tasty.  Kirsty and I both went for variants on g rilled chicken (mustard & herb for me, Piri Piri for her), and Eva had chicken ravioli in a superb Neapolitan sauce.  The desserts… well, they’re obscene, but in the best possible way.  So many cheesecakes, so many things with chocolate.  It was an excellent night.  Try it out, if you’re in the neighbourhood.

And just before that, I wandered into a bookstore, and found a single copy of the latest Stephen King, the UK hardback edition, at the top of a set of shelves.  It’s on my shelf now.  Bliss.  Simple things, that made for an excellent day.

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