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Badware Begone

November 27, 2009 by Richard Wright in Journal

Oh, finally, finally, finally, my website has been declared free of Badware.  That means you can actually get into it and read this.  If you check in via Facebook or an RSS feed, you may not have been aware that there were any problems, but had you tried to access the actual website all this content lives on, you would have been met with big warning signs from Google, telling you that the site was hosting malware that might harm your computer.  Turns out, this was true, and I was hacked.  Of course, the fact that the Google warning splash page stopped me logging into the website to fix the problem didn’t help the situation, and neither did the timing, which saw the only attack I’ve been vulnerable too in ten years happen during the only period in that time I’ve really been offline.

Fixed now, thank god.  Note to self: keep WordPress upgraded with the latest secure version at all times.

Still, I’m back, and will return properly in the next day or so with an update on recent updates – Dark Wisdom and Hiram Grange have both forged ahead in the last month, for example, and there are a couple of things I couldn’t link to before which I know can – as well as more irrelevancies aplenty.  Speak soon…

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