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Tooth & Cleaning Fairies

October 24, 2009 by Richard Wright in Journal, Life

Well, thanks to the Belly of Delhi, that was definitely a long, slow week. I’m still not completely over it, but it’s no longer remotely debilitating, just occasionally annoying. Persistent stuff.

In the meantime, the tooth fairy has visited, twice, to Eva’s delight. The teeth have been wobbling about since Glasgow, but they’re finally free. They caused something of a financial dilemma for the poor fairy. Normally, she’d leave a shiny, pleasing coin beneath the pillow. However, here that would have been a rupee or two. Credit crunch-busting, certainly, as this would have been the equivalent of less than a penny, but perhaps not fully in the spirit of things. In the end, the tooth fairy consulted amongst itself, and slid a hundred rupee note (a bit more than a pound) in there each time. I can only hope that her teeth all fall out here. I wouldn’t want her getting too used to things with the number 100 on them and then have her lose a couple of molars in the UK.

I’m starting to get used to having a housekeeper, and have done so very quickly. We were a bit worried about it, to be honest, as we weren’t sure we could get over our natural British reticence and tell her to do stuff. She took care of that by not requiring any instruction at all, and doing more than we actually thought we would want. Washing and ironing now just happens, and the clothes I toss in the basket in the morning are on the hanger when I get home. Everything is always clean – carpets, bathrooms, the kitchen. She knows where to shop, and is very happy to do so. She seems to get on well with Eva, language barrier aside, and happily sits and plays with her when she has time. No wonder I’m getting used to it. Technically she’s on trial for one more week, but unless something disastrous happens, we’ll almost certainly offer her the job full time. We haven’t asked her to come in on the weekends. Looking around, I miss her already…

Next up, a butler and drinks bearer.

I’m joking. We will get a driver though, when we get a car.

Now, off to make weekend things happen. Also, we need to start thinking about where to spend Christmas. Thailand, Singapore, and Goa are possibilities…

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