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Happy Halloween

October 31, 2009 by Richard Wright in Journal, Life, Writing

It’s ghouls and goblins time again. We’ve actually had ours already, as last night various local ex-pats threw a spooky bash for the kids. A show, a generous helping of trick or treating (‘guising’ in Kirsty’s strange Scottish lingo, presumably derived from ‘disguise’, though I’m only guessing), and a disco. Eva thought she had died and gone to heaven. She doesn’t even get that excited about Christmas. Well done to everybody who organised it, should they ever stumble across this blog.

It’s a long weekend here in Delhi, but we’ve somehow failed to actually organise anything to make the most of it. Grrr. Weekends so far have been either great (or at least, interesting) when we have a plan, such as wandering down to Lodi Gardens or Purana Qila, or a bit rubbish and pointless when we don’t. Fingers crossed that things happen and the trend is reversed.

Really. Cross your fingers now.

In other news, an incoming amount of cash from Elder Signs Press this week makes me strongly suspect that the Dark Wisdom anthology, with my story Mopleoli, is either shipping, or just about to ship. Unfortunately, I’m unable to generate links on the iPhone to point you in the right direction, and can’t access the admin pages of my website thanks to google effectively rendering it inoperable while it’s infected with Trojan horses. There’s also a new online interview with me up at Wirhersin magazine’s site, ahead of what looks like a January release of their Iodine issue, containing my story Hermanesha. Linkage will have to wait, alas – I’ll give it a go when I get to the cafe with my laptop. If you see links here, then it worked. If you don’t then copy and paste and

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