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Happy Diwali

October 18, 2009 by Richard Wright in Journal, Life

Well, happy Diwali for yesterday anyway. Still being a little housebound, we didn’t get organised enough to go and see any fireworks, but we heard them, by god. This is what the Helmand Province probably sounds like. I shudder at the thought of the number of eyes and limbs lost last night. We’ll probably find some of them underfoot when we head out later today.

Yesterday afternoon we wandered down to Kahn Market, seemingly the most exclusive shopping district in Delhi, and the sixteenth most expensive in the world. Stats like that give you a definite impression of a place, not necessarily matched by the reality. In this case the reality is something perhaps a bit less aggressive than other markets (nobody followed me around trying to sell me a backgammon board), where most of the goods have an actual price tag so you don’t have to haggle. To be fair, being Diwali, a lot of shops were closed, so it’s difficult to really assess the place. We’ll probably go back, because it does sell lots of things we could use that we wouldn’t know where else to find. Shopping here always feels, wherever you go, like wandering through the Barras Market in Glasgow, complete with the certain knowledge that you’re probably about to buy knock off goods at marked up prices.

Today, we shall go and find some more ancient things to climb in. They’re my favourite bits, so far.

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