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October 4, 2009 by Richard Wright in Journal, Life

Okay, so I live here now.  Well, near it.  Sort of along, and left a bit.  But definitely near it.

First impressions?  I like it.  Quite a lot.  The community is nice, the accommodation better than expected (although temporary – we’ll hopefully move somewhere bigger inside the next month), and they have snails the size of your fist.  The snails are crunchy, as I discovered while standing on one in the dark.  There are mosquitoes everywhere, but they seem to like Kirsty a lot more than me, so that’s all right.  All I need to do is hang around her, and I stay bite free.

After a day or two, I’m starting to acclimatise to the heat (although today has been rain all the way – tail end of the monsoon season, I suppose).

There are parakeets in the trees, and lizards darting about the walls.  Kirsty saw a woodpecker, which filled her with irrational delight.

Not much chance to explore yet, but I’m going to be here for a few years, so there’s no rush.  We also need to get a driver and a car, having seen the insane traffic.  Nobody uses mirrors here, and nobody gives way to anybody, ever.  They also have a questionable attitude to lanes, and have no qualms about driving down the wrong one if they feel like it.  It makes central Paris look civilised.  Having somebody local do the driving is a must.  We also need to sort out a housekeeper-cum-childminder at some point.  Not problems I anticipated having, this time last year.

The jet lag is all but done, I think.  Didn’t really suffer from it too much, given the direction of flight and the decision to stay awake all day having landed Friday morning.  That was tough, but we pushed on through, and seem to be sorted now.

That’s it for now.  Tomorrow I start the new day job, which feels odd after so much time off.  I’ve discovered a wi-fi- hotspot near the flat (erm, obviously), so will check in soon…

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