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Prioritising (with a proper British ‘s’)

September 10, 2009 by Richard Wright in Journal, Life


Only a small part of the luggage we’ll be taking with us to India. Some, we’ll take on our flight when we travel. The cases above will follow by air a few days later. The rest of our things will go by sea, and take in the region of three and a half months to join us. It’s difficult to decide what to pack where. Prioritising is not my strong point. I figure that whatever I decide will be wrong, which somewhat takes the pressure off.

In exactly one week, Kirsty and I will have been married for at least four hours, and will undoubtedly be feeling a little merry. Still can’t believe it’s coming together so smoothly, but it really is. We even took the afternoon to take in a Play, A Pie, And A Pint at the Oran Mor. These lunch time shows are always a lottery, but worth trying for the spirit of the thing. As it happens, we got lucky, and stumbled into Renato Gabrielli’s surprising Eat Your Heart Out, which started divertingly enough, then got both darker and more amusing as it made for the climax. Consensual cannibalism has never been so charming.

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