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September 20, 2009 by Richard Wright in Journal, Life

I am unbelievably tired.  Also, exceptionally married.  All has gone to plan.

This strange and marvellous week started Sunday evening, when we picked our friend Jackie up from Glasgow airport.  I’ve known Jackie for eight or nine years, but until now we’ve only met online, initially reading each other’s bloggish ramblings, then through email.  Among her many talents, Jackie is a photographer, and when she found out a wedding was on the cards she volunteered her services.  Perfect excuse to spend time with her in real life, and I’m still stunned and delighted that she came all the way from Seattle to do just that.  Over the past few days, in between bouts of photography, we’ve seen plays while drinking pints and eating pies, wandered the West End of Glasgow chatting, attempted to steal coffee at the Stravaigin, eaten pizza, celebrated her birthday with seafood and wine at Two Fat Ladies, and washed down home cooked rack of lamb with very fine champagne at our house.  Not entirely sure how we managed to fit it all in, with everything else going on, but glad we did.  I count her as a very good friend.  Well, I always did, but it’s lovely that she exceeded my expectations in real life.

The wedding itself was on Thursday, and it also exceeded both my expectations, and those of my gorgeous bride Kirsty.  She looked stunning, and happy, and it was lovely to see everything I was feeling on her face.  Our daughter Eva had a good time too, though she upstaged us somewhat when she decided her wand of flowers would make a good microphone and held it to our faces as we each took our respective vows…

As for the rest, it was exactly as we wanted it – vows, good food, and then everyone kicking back and relaxing.  The food was superb, but for all that the duck terrine, sea bass, and chocolate pudding were great, the evening buffet seemed to be the most popular part of the day.  We had decided against finger food, and instead opted to have white rolls with bacon, lorne sausage, and potato scone available to all.  A popular move.

Overall though, it was the people that made the wedding great.  We know some excellent, excellent specimens, and getting them altogether in one place was fantastic, especially given how far some had come (Australia and Seattle being the furthest, but from all corners of the UK too).  If you were one of them, thank you so much for helping to make the day everything it was.  If you sent best wishes by email, Facebook, etc, thank you too.  It all went into the pot.

I would now like to sleep for a week.  Unfortunately, if I did that, I’d wake up with only a couple of days left to get us all to India, and that wouldn’t work at all.  Damn.

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