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Exit, Stage Left

September 7, 2009 by Richard Wright in Journal, Life

So, today I walked out of my current day job for the last time, bidding farewell to seven years on the same site. While on the one hand I could not get out of the door fast enough, on the other I have surprisingly mixed feelings about it. Seven years is a long time, after all. There have been many highs, and at least an equal numbers of lows, but all in all it wasn’t a bad way to make a living.

Since February though, when I found out I was successful in my application for my new job, which is taking me overseas to India, it’s been increasingly difficult to block out all of the annoyances that go hand in hand with any activity that’s maintained for a long time. A change was definitely overdue, though I didn’t dare admit that to myself before the opportunity to move on came up.

Still, mixed feelings, as I said. Relief, more disappointment than I imagined, but also an element of shock, probably at the notion that it really is finished. Difficult to express, to be honest. I thought I’d be jubilant, but instead I’m a little unsettled.

Kirsty tells me it won’t last, and I believe her. Tomorrow is another day and all that, and there’s a lot to be getting on with.

In ten days, marriage. Crikey.

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