Richard Wright

author of strange, dark fictions

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Dark Wisdom

An anthology of macabre fiction exploring the unseen folds of urban life. From the monstrous to the psychological, these tales fearlessly venture into the hidden world of the supernatural, where strange creatures stalk the night and eldritch investigators search for the unknown. Features the short story Mopleoli, by Richard Wright (Elder Signs Press 2009).


“Elder Signs Press has already published some very strong anthologies, including Hardboiled Cthulu and and the Horrors Beyond books. It is a press with a fine sense of dark literature, and any library would do itself a favor to order deep from their catalog and follow their releases. This book is a great starting point.” – David Agranoff, Monster Librarian

“This collection of 25 stories is one of the best anthologies that I have read in years.” – Mike Griffiths, Innsmouth Free Press

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Elder Signs Press

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