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Shifting Things About

September 22, 2009 by Richard Wright in Journal, Life

Today, I’ve been back to the attic, to hump more ancient boxes and bags out to the car, and down to the dump.  Three car loads finished the job, more or less.  Big car loads.  The kinds where you can’t see out the back window, and have to hold the pile of stuff on the passenger seat steady with your gear changing hand.  It made me weary.  Still, the only things still up there are about 900 books, a vacuum cleaner, and a microwave.  More or less.  All of these things are going into storage, and as that doesn’t happen until next week, I can stay downstairs for a bit.  Good.  My back hurts, as does my head, from repeatedly smashing it against those beams.

Tomorrow, I may need to venture into sheds, and even worse, the cupboard under the stairs.  You read stories about the cupboard under the stairs, and the things that live in it.  They rarely end well.

In the meantime, one thing I wanted to get sorted before I left was moving my website to a new host.  Job done, and hopefully you barely noticed.  For once, thanks to the magic of wordpress and some helpful web hosts on both sides, moving host has not meant scrapping the existing content and starting over again, as I’ve moved the whole lot across.  I’ve had websites since before the millennium, and it’s never been easier to work one than through WordPress.  Can’t recommend it enough.

From your point of view, there’s little difference of course, unless you’re logging in from an iPhone or other decent phone browser.  In that case, the site you see, while maintaining all the content, should look very different indeed, and make things a little easier for you to get where you want, if that’s how you’d like to check in.  Try it out.

If that wasn’t enough, I also found time to do an interview with Withersin magazine, which will go online to complement the story I have in an upcoming issue.  I haven’t done an interview for years, and it was great fun, if slightly irreverent.  I’ll let you know when it goes online.

Right.  I should be in bed.  G’night.

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