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August 4, 2009 by Richard Wright in Journal, Life

Had our first viewer for the house this evening. Christ, it was stressful. Never has so much been cleaned by so few in so little time, or whatever it was that Churchill said about real estate. Not a sale this time, if I’m any judge, but there’s at least one more this week. Hooray. Just buy the damn thing already. It’s got walls, and a roof, and rooms, and everything.

I have nothing else. I’m beat. I did get word today of where I’ll probably be living in New Delhi, which is a bit different from what I imagined (not bad at all, just different). Big house. Lots of space. Great area. It’s difficult to imagine, having never been to India, but it sounds like we might have lucked out, in an unlooked for way. So much of the experience so far has been comprised of good things more or less landing in our lap, I’m rolling with it.

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