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Fare Thee Well

August 6, 2009 by Richard Wright in Journal, Life, Writing

Dead ThingIt’s served me well. Novels have been written on it, and short stories too. Characters have come to life on it – Matthew Hopkins, the Doctor, Nicholas Eldtritch, John Brosnan, William Shakespeare, Hiram Grange, Tanith Pearce – some of whom have leapt from this hard drive to pages on your shelves, and some of whom have yet to make that journey. We’ve done some good work together, but now laptop and I must part ways. It’s nearing the end of its useful life without serious investment in upgrades, and with emigration fast approaching, I’ve decided to invest in something a little more robust, that can go a three or four year tour of duty without too much worry.

Finally, a reasonable excuse to buy a Macbook. I already have the model picked out (the ‘Pro’ series, but the bottom end), so all that’s required is to pop to the Apple store tomorrow after my second Japanese Encephalitis jab, and pick one up. My iPhone has long since banished my long-held (no longer remotely justified) Mac-scorn, so this is a toy I’m really looking forward to booting up.

I’ll even be able to use the webcam to keep in touch with my soon to be suddenly distant fiancee. It’s not just me going to India, and Kirsty has a three week day-job related course of her own to attend to in London. We’re about to hit a manic time, as I try and sell the house and finish the many things we need to get done to go overseas, while she commutes to London and hurtles back for brief (no doubt very, very busy) weekends. Then we breathe for a week, and get married. I’m happier than ever that the wedding is small, and under control.

It’s all go, and it seems in some cases, actually gone.

Oh, we had another viewer for the house today, who at least managed to feign interest, so it feels like there’s a chance the house might lure an actual buyer before we go. Good going, house.

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