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Back and Forth

July 4, 2009 by Richard Wright in Journal, Life

Homeward Bound

Back in Glasgow, again, for another thirty-six hours of home-based fun before I barrel back down to London for a last week of hotel living. That should be the last significant travel I have to do before I go to India. Look forward to being back, and getting on with winding life in Scotland down, getting the wedding up and running, and so forth. The list of ‘to dos’ is getting a little cramped, so it’s time to clear some of it away if I can.

It hasn’t all been grim in London, of course. The weather has been lovely, and was made the most of when I met Heather for a couple of drinks by the Thames, next to Vauxhall bridge. I’ve known Heather for a few years now, but it’s the first time we’ve met in person, and she’s as lovely in real life as you could wish for.

Easyjet managed to get me to Glasgow only fifteen minutes late yesterday. This is still not an endorsement. Being only slightly incompetant at a basic service level, instead of catastrophically blundering, is not the same as being good. Or even adequate. I only have to fly with them two more times. Ever. That’s good news, at least.

See you next week.

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