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June 27, 2009 by Richard Wright in Journal, Life


This morning, I woke up in Glasgow, where I have every expectation of falling asleep. Then it will be off again, back down to London, to swelter in a hotel for another week. It’s a nice hotel, but has all sorts of Croydon outside it, which rather spoils things.

This week was long, topped and tailed by aggravating flight delays courtesy of Easyjet, about whom I have nothing good to say. I was a little surprised while twittering my annoyance last night, stuck in a bar at Gatwick, when an Easyjet rep started messaging me in apology. Very surreal. Does some computer somewhere alert their operatives whenever somebody includes the words ‘Easyjet’ and ‘arse’ in the same posting? Very Orwellian.

Four more flights to go, which will inevitably be disastrous, starting tomorrow afternoon. Meh.

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