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The Tikka Club

June 13, 2009 by Richard Wright in Journal, Life

Tikka Club Sandwich

Spurred on by a sandwich making experiment at school Eva, aged five, decided today that she would make lunch. She picked out the ingredients as we went round the shop – tiger bread, rocket, watercress, mayo, pepper, cheese, pre-cooked tikka chicken, tomato.

I wasn’t confident. I expected to struggle bravely through eating it, nodding with feigned delight, in a fatherly sort of a way.

It was bloody lovely. A taste miracle. You should try it.

That’s all I’ve got, though things have obviously happened between the last post, and this. More story submissions have been sent away. I participated in a face-off on facebook based on quotes from Eliot’s Waste Land (winner undecided). I got a haircut, and was curiously disappointed when the new barber did not offer to trim my eyebrows.*

None of it very blogworthy though. Move along now.

* Actually asking a barber who does not already consider it part of the package to shave my eyebrows seemed a potentially foolish thing to do. It’s a black and white sort of statement, that could be badly misconstrued.

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