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Presents and Packing Up

June 21, 2009 by Richard Wright in Journal, Life

Short Trips - Re:Collections

My contributor copy of the (massive) Short Trips Re:Collections turned up the other day, and looks very smart indeed. It’s supposed to present some of the best Doctor Who short fiction published in the Short Trips range since 2002 (which must be a pool of three or four hundred tales, at least, and includes my own contribution ‘Lonely’. Lovely looking book, and I’m looking forward to reading the other twenty-seven stories while I’m stuck in hotels over the next few weeks. If you haven’t already done so, you can grab a copy from the publisher right now, and I’m sure it will turn up on Amazon and the usual outlets shortly.

I can also now look forward to wading through William Shatner’s memoir Up Till Now, presented to me by a proud daughter this morning for Father’s Day. I’m quite looking forward to it, although I feel strongly that a better title would simply have been SHAT! He’s a curious fellow, so I’m looking forward to being entertained.

But today, I’m on the move again, packing up for the first of three weeks of hotel living in the South. It’s quite a nice hotel, but as it’s day job stuff instead of a vacation, that’s the best I can say about what awaits. If I have wi-fi in my room, I may be in touch, but if you’re waiting for emails, that will be the reason for any delays.

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