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Planes and Procrastination

June 11, 2009 by Richard Wright in Journal, Life

Loading Up

Right, first flight of the month is done, to Gatwick and back on Tuesday.  It’s an unfortunate consequence of relocating to India for a few years, that the process seems to be organised almost entirely from London.  I have another day trip next week, to organise more practicalities, followed by three weeks of hotel living down there.

With luck though, that will be the last of it until the day of travel.  Not that there aren’t other things to consider in the meantime.  Marriage, first and foremost.  Selling houses.  Selling cars.  Buying new wardrobes for the very different climate.  Arranging shipments of personal effects that we want to take overseas.  Deciding what to put in storage, and what we’re prepared to throw out to save storage costs.  Vaccinations.  New address notifications.  Mail forwarding.  Flights and travel. Documentation. Accommodation overseas.  Obsessing.  Worrying.

Procrastinating, of course.  Plenty of that so far, but it really does have to stop, or we’re going to kill ourselves doing it all at the last minute.

Tomorrow, yes?  Tomorrow, it stops.

What’s on the telly?

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