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Fitness Test 2

May 24, 2009 by Richard Wright in Journal, Life

Okay, four weeks into the army training programme, and the second fitness test is done. The pitiful results of my pre-training one can be found here, but I’ll compare and contrast below.

Press-up max test: As many press ups as you can in two minutes exactly. I struggled to thirty-six, which puts me squarely into the ‘average’ category for a thirty-four year old. Four weeks ago, I dreamed of being average, with a pitiful sixteen. In terms of progress, you can’t argue with that.

Sit-up max test: As above, with sit-ups. I hit forty-eight, a slight improvement on last time’s forty-one. This boosts me out of ‘average’, into ‘good’. Can’t say that makes me unhappy either.

1.5 mile run test: Run it as fast as you can. Eleven minutes and forty-five seconds, compared to last month’s thirteen twenty-seven. Bumps me from poor to average. Given that I’ve run for quite a while now, on and off, I should be doing better with this. I think the problem is that I normally pace myself, because I want to see how long and far I can run. Going a short distance very fast is different, and a real struggle (to a degree of feeling faint and sick when I stop, that distance running just doesn’t do to me). Mustn’t over think it though, as there’s improvement, and I broke the eight minute mile. Clearly though, I need to build some speed training into my week if I’m going to get any better.

Sit and Reach test: Sit with your feet against the wall, legs straight, and slide your fingers along the floor next to your leg to find the furthest point you can reach and hold for three seconds. Last month I stalled at eleven inches. Today I got to nine and a half. I’m bendier. Erm. Hooray.

Body Mass Index: Last month, 27. This month, having dropped eight pounds (just over three and a half kilos, apparently), 26.03. Still overweight, but pointed in the right direction.

Waist to Hip ratio: Your waist divided by your hips. Allegedly more accurate than BMI, because it isn’t fooled by muscle weighing more than fat. I’ve about an inch and a half from my waist, and a half inch from my hips. I come in at 0.94, down from 0.97 last time. The line to get the right side of is 0.9, so again, all heading the right way.

Results speak for themselves, so consider me committed to the next twelve weeks. It’s hard work, which you’d expect from something advertised as put together by the British Army, but for the most part I’m enjoying it. And hey, I’m officially no longer ‘poor’ at anything. The army says so. If you have a problem with that, take it up with them.

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  1. JackieMay 27, 2009 at 10:59 pm

    Fantastic news! I missed my weigh-in on the last day of bootcamp last month (due to the stomach flu) but I believe the new instructor is going to do it again this week. I’m curious to see how drastic the differences are. It FEELS drastic anyway. 😉

    12 more weeks? How often do you go? Or do you work out on your own? Or how does that work?

  2. Richard WrightMay 27, 2009 at 11:18 pmAuthor

    Nope, I work out on my own, to a programme put together by the army. I prefer my pain private 😉

  3. Richard WrightMay 27, 2009 at 11:19 pmAuthor

    Oh, it breaks down as three days of running, two days of strength workouts, and the weekend off. More or less.

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