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Shroud Goes National

February 24, 2009 by Richard Wright in Journal, Writing

Delighted to hear today that Shroud Publishing, who will be bringing Hiram Grange to your eager fingers later this year, have struck a deal with Ingram periodicals for a 1400 consignment of their flagship Shroud magazine. It’s a really big step for them, moving from direct sales online, to national distribution, as of issue six in May, in major retail stores across the US. They’ve been building to this since they launched, and I’m thrilled to see them take the plunge.

However, you have to speculate to accumulate, and a 1400 print run is above and beyond what Shroud have been used to paying for up to now. In order to raise money to get those issues to the stores in the first place, Shroud are running a generous advertising deal, which I encourage you to take up, if you’ve an appropriate product or service. Starting today, they have 100 quarter page ad spaces in issue 6 set aside for independent authors, publishers, photographers, and other creatives, each for sale at $30. It’s a good deal, and if you have a book coming out I’d encourage you to take a look. When it hits the stands, issue 6 of Shroud will be brand new to most of the people picking it up. They’ll be excited, intrigued. They’ll take it home, scrutinising it and everything in it. Hopefully, they’ll be excited at what they find. Best of all, especially if you’re currently working in the horror fields and are used to touting your books to the same old faces on the same old message boards (all valued customers, but quite a small pool), there’s every chance that those 1400 readers will be new. Your book might catch their eye. They might tap in that website address, and they might, just might, take a gamble on the book itself.

At $30, it’s worth a go. Ad space in news stand periodicals is usually prohibitively expensive, but not this. If you’ve ever wanted to reach out a little further, this is a very affordable way to do it.

Go here if you’re interested in hearing more, and you can help Shroud by helping yourself. Charity, after all, begins at home.

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