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Day 2 – Flashbacks

February 25, 2009 by Richard Wright in Journal, Writing

Craven Place progress

Okay, coffee is to hand, I’ve started the day’s work, and Hopkins is about to pull the second big reveal. I’m playing around with multiple first person narrators in this book, and Hopkins is the most difficult of all. Where I know a lot about Tanith, who tells most of the story, and Nicholas and Max, who chip in occasionally, Hopkins is a deliberate enigma. He’s not a man of words, which should make this next bit something of a challenge.

Since starting work yesterday, I’ve pushed the book from 63% complete up to 70%, according to the little graphical thingy at the top there. It’s a satisfying thing to see, suggesting I’m cresting the final hurdles. In reality, that’s chapters 26 through 29 in the bag, and I’m making a start on chapter 30 now. I’m beginning to wonder whether I’m closer to the end than I think – it no longer feels as though I need another 25000 words to finish the story, so it might end up shorter than 80000. We’ll see. It will be as long as it needs to, and no more.

One great pleasure to writing this book is the personal flashbacks to making the movie (which I also acted in, playing the mysterious Hopkins). Man, that was a good two weeks…

Oh, and I found an alternative to Braveheart. Harry Gregson-Williams’s The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe came on after Gladiator while I was writing yesterday, and I couldn’t break away to turn it off and find something else. Turns out, it works very well indeed.

Which is nice.


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