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Dullard Dreams

January 29, 2009 by Richard Wright in Journal, Life

Last night, I dreamed that I couldn’t get my hair to sit quite flat, but that it wasn’t that big a deal. That may make me the most boring man on earth.

In the waking world, I’m waiting for news that may be brilliant, but very probably won’t be. It’s a little frustrating, and it’s a struggle to get anything done in this space between said news arriving, and it being known. Tomorrow is the very earliest I’ll hear which way the wind blows, so much pacing today I think. Seated pacing mostly, because I’ll be at the day job, but pacing nonetheless.

Time passes.

Time passes.

Game over.

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  1. JackieJanuary 31, 2009 at 6:38 am

    Um, yes, I do believe that you are the dullest dreamer on Earth. HAH!

    So? Any news yet? Now you have ME wonderin’…

  2. Richard WrightFebruary 1, 2009 at 7:02 pmAuthor

    I’m in a limbo of perpetual waiting…

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