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Shroud Magazine #5

December 12, 2008 by Richard Wright in Journal, News, Writing

One project which definitely isn’t cancelled, is the forthcoming novella series from Shroud Publishing, featuring Hiram Grange. If you need reminding, these slim, sexy books follow the maverick adventures of the titular Grange, as he protects the likes of you and I from supernatural menace. There are five books in the first season, each a standalone story, but with an arch-plot which reaches a heady climax in my own contribution to the series, Hiram Grange and the Nymphs of Krakow.

It’s an ambitious collaboration between the writers, which I’ve had a fantastic time with, and the modern pulp feel of the books is the perfect tonic to the stresses of the credit crunch and other real life fixtures.You’ll have to wait for 2009 to read the books, but you can get a taste for Hiram himself before that.

The Winter issue of the highly regarded Shroud magazine will be a Hiram Grange special, featuring excerpts from all five books. My own piece, Hiram Grange and the Beast of the Air is actually the opening of Nymphs, but it works perfectly well as a short story in its own right, and I think you’ll enjoy it.Soon you’ll be able to buy it here, and I hope you give it a try – it’s an excellent way to find out whether the books are going to be up your street (I’m pretty confident they will). The artwork alone is a joy – that lovely cover is from Malcolm McClinton, who is providing the book covers for the whole series, and gives a fine taster of Hiram’s world and the japes awaiting you. Perfect winter reading if you ask me…

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