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The Everlasting

A quick shout out for somebody else’s book – last year I placed Tim Lebbon‘s The Everlasting in my top five reads of 2007. At the time, I was talking about the beautiful limited edition hardback from Necessary Evil Press, but noted that the book was also available in paperback over in the States. I’m delighted to see that Tim has now secured a UK paperback release in the UK though a major publisher, so you English, Scots, Welsh, and Irish can now play too. Cover price is £6.99. Look for it in the horror sections of your local bookstore. I really do think you should give it a try.

I mean, buy my stuff first, obviously, but save the change for Tim…

Updated to add: I’ve just checked, and to my astonishment, found that there still seem to be copies of the limited edition available from Necessary Evil Press. Here’s the link, if you’re a collector. The book sits with the rest of my NEP collection as the most attractive volumes I own. If that does it for you, fire on in while there are copies left.

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