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Short Trips: Transmissions released!

July 13, 2008 by Richard Wright in Journal, News, Writing


News just in – it appears that Short Trips: Transmissions, the Doctor Who short story anthology from Big Finish Productions containing my story ‘Lonely’, is currently shipping. So far, there’s been confirmation that Big Finish subscribers to the anthologies have received copies by mail, and I’ve been pointed to a couple of message board posts that give both the book and ‘Lonely’ a nice thumbs up.

Which is a tremendous relief. I know the book as a whole is good, with plenty of variety and some nice innovation thanks to Richard Salter’s editorial eye, but the fact the ‘Lonely’ has been read and enjoyed by fans of the show feels fantastic. Of course, I’ve been a fan of the show for years, but that’s a world apart from writing a piece of commercial fiction from the other side of the fence. Of course, there’s plenty of time yet for the majority of readers to loathe and despise the tale, but somebody who spent their cash on the book got a kick out of my story, and that’s good enough for me. I hope I’ve served the character well, and who knows, if people buy and enjoy it, I might get the chance to do the same again.

So, the anxiety reduces. Lordy, writing stories can be a torment of nerves sometimes.

Anyway, go and buy a copy from Big Finish or, or look out for this on the shelves.

Short Trips - Transmissions

In other news, we passed the test, and the potential wedding venue has been provisionally booked, but more on that later…

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