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Selling Stories As You Sleep

July 3, 2008 by Richard Wright in Journal, Writing

On balance, most of my potential markets, especially for short stories, are in the USA. There are downsides to this, including on a very mercenary level, the dollar to pound exchange rate. There are upsides as well, my favourite of which is the time difference. As it turns out, when many editors are pondering my work for acceptance or rejection, I’m already in bed, snoozing the night away. More often than not then, those acceptances and rejections are waiting for me when I wake.

Rejections don’t bother me – I don’t think I have ever reacted badly to one, so when I check my emails in the morning, they cause me to shrug and get on with my day.

Acceptances delight me still, and I suspect they always will. Opening an email from somebody who not only enjoyed my story, but who wants to pay me money to sell it on to their publication’s readers, is a nice confirmation that yes, I’m not kidding myself, and I actually can do this writing thing.

And opening that email first thing in the morning, as I sup my first coffee to get rid of the cobwebs, is the best start to a day that you can possibly imagine.

As you can guess, I sold a story in my sleep last night (when the contract is signed and I have an approximate date of publication, I’ll tell you which magazine bought it). Yes, I’m bouncing into my day.

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