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Journey’s End

July 6, 2008 by Richard Wright in Journal, Writing

So, last night the fourth series of the revived Doctor Who came to a ballistic, bombastic end. Semi-regenerations, human Doctors, and a brilliantly cackling Davros. Particular kudos to David Tennant and Bernard Cribbins, who squeezed some real emotion into an otherwise crammed episode. And boy, was it crammed. There were some deeply silly moments (at one point, I expected Wilf to turn up with a doomsday weapon, because everybody else had), and some truly inspired ones (Davros confronting the Doctor with the Time Lord’s true nature – a pacifist who won’t touch a gun, but who at the same time moulds the people who love him into weapons).

And now, the long wait. A Christmas special, another couple next year, and then a new series in 2010.

A long, long wait. But it doesn’t have to be an empty one.

Short Trips: Transmissions

Short Trips: Transmissions. Nothing passes the time like a short story, does it? While the future creeps closer, dip into the unseen past…

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