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When? Who?

June 9, 2008 by Richard Wright in Journal, Life, Writing

My inbox at the moment can be summed up in three questions.

  1. When am I getting married?
  2. Who is Hiram Grange?
  3. How is the running going?*

For those who have just tuned in, the first two questions are entirely unrelated. I am not marrying Hiram Grange. Just to be clear.


  1. I don’t know. Next year some time. Probably. Please stop asking. When I know, I’ll tell you. But thank you for the messages, I’m very happy too!
  2. Well, chopped from the link I sent you too last time, he’s “one of the most entertaining anti-heroes in modern dark literature, an awkward, gangly, unlikely hero who suffers addictions to absinthe, opium, and sex.  A man as flawed and complex as he is capable and deadly. Hiram is a clandestine operative for the Bureau of Supernatural Affairs, a secret organization funded and controlled by a sect within the Freemasons.” And, because I’ve signed a non-disclosure contract, that’s as much as I can tell you. Really. If the publisher doesn’t release the info, I can’t either. So, you’re allowed to know that I’m one of a team of writers who have developed the character and bible (the super-secret background and continuity document). You’re allowed to know that there will be an initial season of five novellas, each a standalone story, but featuring an ‘arc plot’ that threads them together. Finally, you’re allowed to know that my book, Hiram Grange and the Nymphs of Krakow is the season finale. And that’s it. More will be forthcoming, and I don’t mind admitting that I’m having so much fun with the project that I almost feel guilty about it. You will too, I hope. Follow the link back, and look at that top image by Malcolm McClinton, who is currently looking to do all five book covers, along with interior illustrations. That’s almost as much as you need to know. Hiram Grange. Remember his name…
  3. Not good. After a groin injury that is only just dying down, it’s been way too long since my last run. Tomorrow, I’ll be gingerly testing the leg out, and seeing how it holds up. It’s been maddening, not being able to make any progress, and I’ve actually missed it (never thought I’d say that…). Fingers crossed for tomorrow, as there’s only three months until the half marathon. Dear god…

*okay, this isn’t true. Nobody has asked this. Sorry. Just making conversation.

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