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June 25, 2008 by Richard Wright in Journal, Writing

Apparently, my lady love will only consent to an Indiana Jones themed wedding if she’s allowed to dress as an Nazi SS officer (they had the sexiest uniforms, apparently). While no wedding is entirely complete without a public lynching of the bride, I feel that ours, perhaps, should depart with tradition here. Back to the drawing board.

A new review and an interview, just in…

Issue 31 of the print magazine Dark Realms carries a review of Beneath the Surface which says several nice things, included among them “Beneath the Surface is a first-rate horror anthology that delivers a thoroughly enjoyable collection of fiendishly fun tales.” Don’t take their word for it though. Find out for yourself by grabbing a copy here.

Over at Unreality SF you can check out an interview with Richard Salter, who talks in detail about Short Trips: Transmissions, the Doctor Who anthology I’ll have a story in next month (indeed, he gives you a flavour of that story, among others…). It’s interesting reading, and should fuel your curiosity. With the 2008 series of Doctor Who fast approaching what looks to be a ballistic conclusion, which will no doubt involve a cliffhanger for Tennant’s Doctor number 10 that won’t be resolved until the Xmas special, you’re going to be in the perfect mood to time travel the other way, and distract yourself with previously unseen adventures from his past lives. You can, of course, pre-order the book right now if you choose.

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