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I Ent Dead

May 10, 2008 by Richard Wright in Journal, Writing

Blogging takes me in waves, it seems. Sometimes I do lots, and sometimes I do little. C’est la vie. There won’t be much happening around here for the rest of this month, as I’ll be on the move lots, but I’ll catch you all up around the start of June with what’s been going on. Meantime, there have been a few developments on projects behind the scenes, most of which is not yet ready for announcing (although among them, one particular project is steamrollering ahead with impressive zest). A couple of other things of note though.

Beneath the Surface

Still no official reviews for this rather splendid recent anthology from Shroud Publishing, which features my story ‘Secrets (Never Told), though customer reviews at have been pretty good. Have you bought it? What do you think?

Short Trips: Transmissions

I heard the other day that the final edits of the stories in the books, including my own ‘Lonely’, have been approved by the BBC, so the book is good to go in July. A huge sigh of relief (the BBC own the character in absolute terms, and would have no hesitation in asking for stories to be removed if they clashed with the ethos or history of the character and the series), and a little thrill inside, as there is nothing to do now but wait for the book, my first hardback as well as, dammit, a Doctor Who book, heads to the printer. Why not pre-order the book from Big Finish, and be among the first to read it?

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