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Committed Worship

March 21, 2008 by Richard Wright in Journal, Life

CrucifixionOne of the things that it’s easy to forget when you’re an atheist, as I am, is that for a lot of people the holiday has a deeper resonance. I can’t empathise, but I hope you get from the weekend those things that you expect.

On the other hand, Christians in the United Kingdom take a very polite route to expressing thier appreciation of their Lord’s sacrifice. Other countries are far more heartfelt and committed. Take the Phillipines, for example, where this weekend devout Catholics will be flogging themselves as they walk barefoot through the streets, and in some cases, nailing thier hands and feet to wooden crosses, as above. It’s quite the tourist attraction, so well established that the government issues helpful safety tips, including the proper maintenance of whips, and correct disinfection protocol for nails.

That, you have to admit, is pretty committed worship.

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