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January 29, 2008 by Richard Wright in Journal, Life, Writing

Today, my lady and I went and enrolled our daughter in school. She’s five this year, and begins primary one in September. Apparently, most kids starting school actually enrolled at the start of January, but that bit of news slipped our attention at the time, and we made an appointment for today. I’m pretty pleased with what I saw. The school is bright and fresh looking, non-denominational, and more or less secure*. As we both work, the facilities the before and after school clubs were a welcome relief too – it means we can keep the same schedule as we’ve established with the nursery, more or less. All good stuff, and she’s very excited about starting a big-girl-school. Might as well enjoy that enthusiasm while it lasts.

It’s one of those moments where you suddenly notice that time has passed. I mean, school? It wasn’t long ago that her vocabulary amounted to a handful of of names and favourite foods. Was it? No wonder parents customarily feel older than others thier own age – we have these little walking reminders that time’s moving on following us about.

Tattered SoulsIn other news, I’m pleased to see that Tattered Souls, the anthology of novelettes that features my story Other People, is finally available at Next time you’re buying a book there, throw a copy in your cart. Better yet, do so now. At the moment, there are no plans to publish Other People anywhere else (and even if it does happen, it would be years down the line I suspect), so do make sure you get hold of a copy somewhere. Hopefully, now that it’s in the Amazon catalogue, it won’t be too long before the details pop up on and other international sites, making things a little easier for non-US residents to get hold of it without having to pay overseas shipping fees.

* I say more or less, because we somehow got lost and wandered in the wrong door. We spent quite some time strolling up and down corridors looking for reception before we were noticed my the deputy headmaster. However, I’m sure that if we had been attempting to sell drugs or weapons, we would have been spotted at some point. Eventually.

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