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Edinburgh Birthday

January 13, 2008 by Richard Wright in Journal, Life

Dusk on the Royal Mile

First off, thanks to everybody for the various birthday wishes here, much appreciated. Kirsty whisked me off to Edinburgh for a night, and arranged some thoroughly touristy stuff to be getting on. Edinburgh is only an hour and a bit by car from Glasgow, but in my fourteen odd years living here, I’ve don’t remember ever going to do the stuff that people travel here to do. I suppose you’re always more complacent about what’s on your doorstep, and for me, this was an eye-opening and rather inspiring trip.

After some random wandering up the alarmingly beautiful Royal Mile, we ended up at Edinburgh castle, with time to wander round and take in the stunning views over the city. Edinburgh decided to have a couple of incredibly clear, bright days, and the results impressed the hell out of me far more than my amateurish photography can capture.

Edinburgh from the Castle

To follow, Kirsty booked us in for lunch at the Witchery, which is every bit as impressive as the website, and we dined on wild rabbit in leisurely style. On leaving, we mooched back down the Mile and joined a tour of some of the haunted vaults beneath the Edinburgh streets (cheesy and unconvincing, but fun). Drinks and a hotel followed, as did further wandering about the Greyfriars Cemetery and the National Gallery the morning after. In all, it was a great time, and inspiring in all sorts of good ways. I have history coming out of my ears, and a desire to find out more. Again, I’m struck by how long I’ve lived in Scotland, and how shamefully little detail I actually know about the place.

So, a relaxing trip. Back to the real world with a bump though, and it’s high time to get on with things.

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